Introducing Theme Style: We’re Bringing Global Theme Design Into Elementor

Get ready, The first stage of global styling is here! Elementor Version 2.9 brings a new way to set global headings, backgrounds, images, buttons and more.

Design consistency. All web designers and creators strive to achieve it, but maintaining it is a challenging matter, especially if you continuously add new content to your site. 

The more pages we build, the harder it is to keep the same level of consistent design. 

Not deviating from our chosen style gets even more challenging if we take into account client changes. Imagine if you complete a big project, and your client decides to change one of the heading colors. 

Is this a catastrophe waiting to happen? Don’t worry, Elementor to the rescue!

Introducing Theme Style. A set of new controls that replaces theme and code for setting global theme styles, this way saving you a lot of time.

Among the key benefits of this feature:

  • Make style changes across your site without coding.
  • No need for the theme customizer. Change theme settings from within Elementor.
  • Maintain consistent design across the whole site.
  • Set the default style of plugin elements and Elementor widgets  (for Elementor widgets to be effected, remember to first disable default global colors and fonts).

Why does your site design change, and sometimes even break, when you switch to a different theme?

This happens because when you install any WordPress theme, it creates a layer of design styles and rules. Any new element you introduce to your site may inherit those style settings.

The new Theme Style we created eliminates this challenge, by taking over the global design layer previously handled by the theme.

Theme Style is a new menu that appears when you click on the menu icon in the top left of the panel. It includes settings that allow you to control your entire site design globally.

Set a certain style under Theme Style, and it will change the relevant HTML tag and apply the style across your website. In fact, any new element you add to your site will adopt this HTML tag style by default.

Forget Editing Your Theme in Different Interfaces. Use Elementor Instead!

As a theme user, you might have experienced the frustration of not being able to change the style of a certain element. I bet thousands of users fuss over changing a simple H1 heading color. With Theme Style, this frustration is finally over. You can now set default styling for:

  • Images
  • Form fields
  • Buttons
  • Headings
  • Links
  • Text
  • Backgrounds
  • and more…

Before, you had to turn to code or to your theme settings in order to set different default styles. With Theme Style, simply set it all in one place, and it will affect all the images in your site instantly.

Theme Style is modular, meaning that only the settings you change are affected, and the rest of your site’s styles remain the same.

Made a change and it wasn’t to your liking? No problem! Theme Style works with the Revisions and History controls, so you can undo / redo any changes, and can always revert back to an earlier version of your site design.

To get more information, please visit the link below

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