How to install wordpress

In this tutorial, I will show you how to install WordPress on your server by following the 5 steps described below

  • Download WordPress
  • Upload WordPress to your server
  • Create and configure your MySQL database
  • Configure WordPress to connect to your database
  • Run the Installation

So Let’s start 🙂

Download WordPress from

As mentioned in the title, the first step you have to perform is to download the latest WordPress version from

How to install WordPress
Go to and then click on Download WordPress x.x.x

Once you did it, you have to extract the compressed file into a folder which you can name as you want.

Upload WordPress to your server

As prerequisites for this section is to get a domain name and a Webspace where you can upload your WordPress folder. Several Webhosting providers are listed under the “Webhosting deals” section..

Let’s consider that you have already your Webhosting space. You will have to access your cpanel” provided by your Webhosting provider, and then navigate to your FTP and create a new account.

After that, you need to download an FTP client to transfer your data to the server.
You can use the FTP Client of your choice. We recommend to use “FileZilla“.
When you create your FTP account, you will be able to get the needed configuration which you will have to adjust in your FTP client to access your server per FTP, or you can export the configuration file provided by your Hosting provider. This will be then imported to your client.

As next step, you have to open your FTP Client and go to the sites manager to add the access data of your FTP Server.

Once you have done it, you will be connected to your FTP server, then you have to navigate to the folder where you have extracted your WordPress file which you have already downloaded at the beginning of the tutorial.

Then you can transfer your files per “Drag and Drop” to your server.

Create and configure your database

To configure your database, you have to create it first and then create a user with which you will access the database during the WordPress installation. To create your database, go to your “cpanel” and then look for the database section. Click on “phpMyAdmin” to access your database server.

After creating your database, you have to create a user to access it. To do that, you have two possibilities. Even you create it from “phpMyAdmin” Interface or from your “cpanel

Configure WordPress to access your database

After setting up your database, you will now start your WordPress installation by typing the link ““. You will be redirect to the first installation step as shown in the picture below

Now you have to choose the language in which you want to install your WordPress and then hit “Continue

The next step is just an informative step which will prepare you to enter the database information which you have already created in the previous step. You need just to click on “Let’s go” to be redirected to the next step

Run the Installation

Finally, you need to click on submit and the installation will be done in a few seconds. After that, you will have to enter your site information and set a username and a password to access your back-end interface.

Now you are done with the installation, you have made a good job 🙂

You can check the other sections to see how to install a Theme and how to install a Plugin to your WordPress